Services – Commercial

Commercial Electrical Services

Beyond what is required for domestic electrical installation, commercial work may call for additional knowledge and expertise. We have the expertise, workforce, and financial resources required to deliver projects on schedule and within budget, completely satisfying clients and contractors.

The basis of Excel’s business operations has been providing commercial electrical service and maintenance contracts. We never lost sight of our commitment to offering long-term care and maintenance at a customized level when we shifted into the new building sector over the years.

Prevention-Based Maintenance

Services for Diagnostics

  • Replacement of the lamp and ballast
  • Infrared/Thermal Imaging Testing
  • Services for Low Voltage Tele/Data Networks
  • Tenant Upgrades

Services for Electrical Moves, Additions, and Changes

  • DE electrified maintenance services to Electrical equipment; motor control and design
  • Upgrades to new LED lighting and lighting maintenance
  • Surveys of Power Quality
  • Solar Upkeep and Repair

Services for New Electrical Design

If your company uses a lot of energy, every dollar matters. What a nice thing it would be to avoid wasting energy and only pay for what you use. You might be looking for an MPTS installation, and Excel Solutions is the commercial electrical contractor you can trust!

Your breaker is located on the sub-panel. Older buildings or homes may have sub-panels that are dangerously out-of-date and configured. We can organize these panels for you and upgrade the electrical system in your home if they are occasionally just disorganized and disorganized.